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Hybrid Stress Control Rheometer

MANUFACTURER TA Instruments (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Discovery HR-2
TRAINING Although training is required to use this item, we cannot arrange it for you.
CALIBRATED Yes, this item is calibrated.
Last Calibration: 16th April, 2012
CUSTODIAN Giuseppe Forte
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SITE Holywell Park


The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (DHR) features powerful new technologies from the world leader in rheological measurements. Our new hybrid technology combines a patented magnetic bearing, drag cup motor, force rebalance transducer (FRT), new patent- pending optical encoder dual-reader, and True Position Sensor (TPS) into a single-head rheometer.
The DHR has improved every performance specification and delivers unrivaled true strain, strain rate, stress control, and normal force accuracy. The DHR also features our most popular TA innovations including patented Smart Swap™ geometries and Smart Swap™ temperature systems.


  • Patented Ultra-low Inertia Drag Cup Motor
  • Patented Second Generation Magnetic Bearing
  • High-Resolution Optical Encoder
  • Optical Encoder Dual Reader (Patent Pending)[3]
  • Normal Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT)
  • True Position Sensor (Patent Pending)
  • Nano-Torque Motor Control
  • Superior True Stress, Strain, and Strain Rate Control
  • Direct Strain Oscillation
  • Thrust & Dual-Radial Bearing Design
  • Ultra-low Compliance Single-Piece Frame
  • Heat and Vibration Isolated Electronics Design
  • Patented Smart Swap Geometries
  • Original Smart Swap Temperature Systems
  • Superior Peltier Technology
  • Patented Heat Spreader Technology
  • Patented Active Temperature Control
  • Color Display
  • Capacitive Touch Keypad
  • Patented Traceable Torque Calibration


Bearing Type, ThrustMagnetic
Bearing Type, RadialPorous Carbon
Motor DesignDrag Cup
Minimum Torque (nN.m) Oscillation2
Minimum Torque (nN.m) Steady Shear10
Maximum Torque (mN.m)200
Torque Resolution (nN.m)0.1
Minimum Frequency (Hz)1.0E-07
Maximum Frequency (Hz)100
Minimum Angular Velocity (rad/s)0
Maximum Angular Velocity (rad/s)300
Displacement TransducerOptical Encoder
Optical Encoder Dual ReaderN/A
Displacement Resolution (nrad)10
Step Time, Strain [2] (ms)15
Step Time, Rate [2] (ms)5
Normal/Axial Force TransducerFRT
Maximum Normal Force (N)50
Normal Force Sensitivity (N)0.005
Normal Force Resolution (mN)0.5

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Last Updated: 14th June, 2013

Hybrid Stress Control Rheometer