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Polymerisation System

MANUFACTURER H.W.S. Labortechnik (manufacturer's website)
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CUSTODIAN Giuseppe Forte
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SITE Holywell Park


This wall mounted system has a cylindrical, jacketed vessel with bottom outlet PTFE valve and is designed for pre-pilot reaction with a maximum volume of 9 litres, DN150. Several stirring configurations are available and many other can be custom made by the University workshop.

The glass reactors ensure high resistance against acids while allowing visual process control and monitoring. The mechanical stirrer directly connected ensures efficient mixing and stirring low to high viscosity process media as well as excellent heat transfer.

Swagelok® components can be connected to the lid to ensure full flexibility of accessories for feeding of liquids / solids / gas.

Temperature is controlled by a Huber Unistat 425 unit and a PT-100 probe.

The maximum operative pressure is 1Bar at 200┬░C.

Item ID #1760.

Last Updated: 30th May, 2012

Polymerisation System