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Mettler Toledo XS 205 dual range

MODEL XS 205 dual range
CUSTODIAN Gary Critchlow
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SITE Holywell Park


High precision 5 decimal point balance (0.01mg up to 81g) with internal calibration, used for the accurate measurement of small chemical quantities or coating weight determination of plated, conversion coated or anodised substrates. Made more versatile with the floating range capability of the unit, taking its maximum load up to 220g with an accuracy of 0.1mg on this scale. Automatic internal calibration and adjustment. Large glass windshield with three sliding windows for easy access to grid weighing pan. RS232C interface.

Additional features

  • density determination of liquids or solids
  • item counting
  • percent weighing
  • weight readout in most common international units


Max 81g/220g d = 0.01mg/0.1mg

Item ID #121.

Last Updated: 2nd October, 2012

Mettler Toledo XS 205 dual range