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X-ray Diffractometer

MANUFACTURER Bruker (manufacturer's website)
MODEL D2 Phaser
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CUSTODIAN Keith Yendall
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SITE Main Campus


Bench-top X-ray diffractometer. Porable, compact and fast X-ray diffraction tool enabling the analysis of poly-crystalline material. The D2 PHASER desktop diffractometer is equipped with an integrated PC and a flat screen monitor. Complete with easy-to-use workflow software DIFFRAC.SUITE allowing measurement and analysis.

Typical Applications

  • Geological material identification
  • Anode Coke characterization
  • Occupational health surveillance
  • White pigments quantification
  • Cement phases quantification
  • Crystal structure refinement
  • Gypsum/anhydrite phase quantification
  • Mesoporous (low angle) structures
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Geometry: Theta / Theta
  • Maximum useable angular range -3 - 160 ° (2Theta) (depending on detector)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.02° throughout the entire measuring range
  • Achievable peak width: < 0.05°
  • Alignment Not needed, factory aligned
  • X-ray wavelength: Cu 1.542nm, standard ceramic sealed tube
  • X-ray generation: 30 kV / 10 mA
  • Detector: 1-dimensional LYNXEYE
  • Instrument type: Portable desktop
  • Exterior Dimension: 61 x 60 x 70 cm (h x d x w)
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Power supply: 90 – 250 V
  • External cooling water supply: None
  • Computer: Built-in
  • Optional additional PC connected via LAN interface
  • Interfaces: 2 x USB and 1 x LAN

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Last Updated: 13th May, 2020

X-ray Diffractometer