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Hardness tester

MANUFACTURER Struers (manufacturer's website)
MODEL DuraScan-70
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
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SITE West Park


The fully automatic hardness tester with mapping capability. PC operated,with motorized x-stage and 6-position automatic turret. With additional overview camera for easy positioning of test points.


  • Unique test load range from 0.098 N (10 gf) to 98.1 N (10 kgf)
  • Covers both micro- and macro hardness test applications
  • Completely automatic test cycle (load selection/indentation/focusing/hardness evaluation)
  • State-of-the-art load control via combined load cell and dead weight technology ensuring highest degree of accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic 6-/7-position turret with possibility of installing up to two indenters and 4 lenses simultaneously, or 1 indenter and 5 lenses. With the optional overview camera a total of 7 turret positions are facilitated!
  • Wide selection of objective lenses enabling up to 3100x total magnification High-resolution CCD camera
  • Second CCD camera / overview camera for easy positioning and selection of starting points and test series
  • LED technology for constant illumination intensity
  • Motorized stage for fully automatic case depth (CHD/Eht), Rht, and nitrided depth (Nht) test runs
  • Vertically moveable test head and fixed table (yz-direction) for optimal precision and stability
  • Workflow based software (ecos Workflow) for easy and intuitive operation
  • Edge detection and color mapping function (DuraScan-50/-70/-80)
  • Template management for easy setup and execution of test
  • Controlled via external PC (DuraScan-50/-70/-80) or integrated PC with large touch screen panel (DuraScan-10/-20)


Motorised stage: 200×120 mm, effective stroke 140×140 mm. Overview Camera with macro lens: field of view 40 x 52 mm motor driven turret: M HT-plane 2.5x/0.07 M HT-plane 10x/0.25 M HT-plane 20x/0.45 M HT-plane 40x/0.65 Software: ecos Workflow areaMASTER


Software modules: additional tools for area based tests on a speciem include: mapping functions, overlay of hardness indents on test area and automatic scanning of the edge of speciems. Available Indenters: Vickers HV0.01-HV10 and Knoop HK0.01-HK2

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Last Updated: 13th May, 2020

Hardness tester