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Plasma Cleaner

MANUFACTURER Fischione (manufacturer's website)
MODEL Fischione 1020
TRAINING Training is required to use this item and we can arrange this if needed.
CUSTODIAN Zhaoxia Zhou
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SITE West Park


Bench-top plasma cleaning system used for the removal of organic contamination (hydrocarbon) from electron microscopy specimens and specimen holders.

Can also be used to remove carbon films from samples that have previously been carbon evaporation coated.

Plasma cleaning enhances electron microscopy imaginary and can be used to remove carbonaceous material for compositional surface analysis without causing damage surface or topography.

Sample must be attached to a stub or in the case of TEM, it must be 3mm to fit in the TEM holder.

Theory - Plasma cleaning

In a nonequilibrium, high frequency plasma, free electrons are accelerated to high velocities by an oscillating electromagnetic field that excites gas atoms and creates the plasma. The plasma ions impinge upon the surface with energies of less than 12eV, which is below the specimen’s sputtering threshold. Cleaning is solely by reactive gas compounds formed by the plasma chemically reacting with carbonaceous material on the specimen and specimen holder. To optimize cleaning, a mixture of 25% oxygen and 75% argon is generally recommended. An oxygen plasma is highly effective in removing organic (hydrocarbon) contamination. The reaction yields H2O, CO, and CO2 that are evacuated by the vacuum system.


Plasma system:

  • High frequency (13.56 MHz) oscillating field system coupled to a quartz and stainless steel plasma chamber.
  • Ion energies less than 12eV
  • Compatible with TEM specimen holders for FEI/Philips, Hitachi, JEOL, Zeiss/LEO, and Topcon

Vacuum system

  • Oil-free turbomolecular drag pump backed by a multi-stage diaphragm pump
  • Ultimate vacuum of 1 x 10-7 mbar


  • 25% oxygen and 75% argon
  • Nominal 10 psi (200 kPa) delivery pressure
  • Flow rate is factory set and can be adjusted via a potentiometer located on the service panel


  • 23" (584mm) W x 20.5" (521mm) H x 22.3" (566mm) D


  • 133.5 lb (60.6 kg)

User interface

  • Single control panel to initiate vacuum, plasma, and timer Process timer for automatic termination


Ancillary equipment: TEM sample holder, SEM stub holder (upto 6 stubs), Quick Clamp holder (upto 5mm depth)

Future Upgrades

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Last Updated: 13th May, 2020

Plasma Cleaner